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On to the next chapter

Rejection stings as it makes you feel you are not good enough. But it also humbles you and makes you go back to your reality after imagining into different alternate universes.

I deferred taking my exams this year. I can’t focus. I have been picking up all kinds of ideas so I can procrastinate: learning a new language, taking up new work, planning for different travels, entertaining guys I shouldn’t, hoping for somebody to like me back, involving myself into somebody else’s life changing milestones etc etc. It’s midyear but I haven’t been focused still.

The beauty in all these though is that I’m still in my own mind. I still know what I’m doing. I still understand that if I continue on this road, I would hate myself in the future.

So what if I was rejected? I have other things to work on. I’m still me. I just have to refocus. And remind myself who I want to be.

Kuroko no Basuke : Last Game Movie Review


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Even though I know that I can find this online and download it eventually, I still pushed through on watching Kuroko No Basuke: The Last Game. Aside from the fact that I can’t wait to download this, I really enjoy the manga and anime that I have to give respects to the team who made this and at least pay for a movie ticket.

The movie has been playing in the cinemas for weeks now. Thus, it is not of a surprise that we’re only four during the screening. I would like to think that it’s better this way. At least real fans would be watching and I don’t have to deal with tactless people.

Every second was enjoyable. I managed to escape from my reality and enjoy. It might be very difficult for the writers to not to outshine Kagami and Kuroko with the other wonderful and highly skilled and gifted characters but Aomine and Kise really killed it! If you know the anime and manga and if you read the extra game in manga, you know what I mean.

I am very grateful to the Kuroko no Basuke team. You gave happiness through your work.